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Two different studies for two different types of compositions. The first, an architectonic composition, attempts to incorporate the figure of the fiddler into the “architecture” of his background. Oddly enough, this really doesn’t seem to work for it. Melding the figure with his background seems to make the image static, whereas I would like more motion and energy in the piece. I had a great time with these greens, purples, and reds though. Others suggested I look into Thomas Hart Benton‘s work for inspiration and study. This illustration contains themes and colors similar to his own.

The Fiddler and the Cow

The Fiddler and the Cow study

This second study is a frame composition. The main focal point is framed by other portions of the piece. Lately, I’ve enjoyed looking at old planes and expedition photographs–where I got my inspiration. And then, somehow, I ended up with a study of a scene that could be found in The English Patient.

Desert Study

Adventure Desert Study

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Memory of Monkey Bars

monkey bars study

Monkey Bars Study

Remembering back to the time when I was afraid of the monkey bars. How did other kids swing so easily from bar to bar? There was a time when I got up on top and couldn’t get down–like a stranded cat. I’m almost positive they called for the fire department.

The piece above is a study for a figure composition class I’m currently taking. It’s my first time in a long while using acrylic. I thought I would try this medium out on watercolor paper to see what I could do with it. It’s funny though–I keep wanting to use the paint like watercolor.



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