New Journey

Last week I finished my final semester at Orange Coast College for a certificate in Narrative Illustration! It always takes me a few days, even weeks, to recuperate from the madness.

However, I’m happy to take on this new journey before me- FREELANCE! There are already a couple of exciting projects in the works. And then there’s the summer SCBWI conference. I’ll be refining my portfolio for that weekend in August. Lots to do, lots to do, but I think for now I’ll take a nap.

Below is a colored pencil drawing I named Pilgrimage. At night, as the street light pours through the slats of our window blinds, shapes of light form on the wall. These elongated, repeated shapes remind me of pilgrims crossing a landscape. These pilgrims sport unusually large hats. Feeling much like I’m on a new pilgrimage myself, this seems like the perfect illustration to share. Shall I find myself a hat?


Pilgrimage, colored pencil


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