It’s been a long time

I’ve experienced a lot of change over the last year and a half. The blog has suffered for it, I’m afraid. But in the process of having a baby and moving to a new state, I’ve done a lot of “soul searching,” specifically “art-soul searching,” if one can really separate the two. That’s just it. I’ve found that I can’t separate soul from art, because they feel one in the same. I’ve learned that no matter what comes, I’ve got to do at least little art each day, even if that involves drawing a doodle and writing down a dream I had. By creating small things, I sense a new confidence surging, something that allows me to freely claim, “I am an artist.” It is a part of who I am.

I’ve created a new dream journal (on the right, the one on the left I made a couple of years ago):


And tonight, I just learned how to craft a pattern in Photoshop! I’ve been interested in pattern design and want to pursue it further. Here’s the first step! And my first experiment:

First Pattern of Awesome

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