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Eleanor Harbison is an artist and illustrator living in Kansas City, Missouri.

She likes to eat cheese.

She sees faces in the stucco of her ceiling.

She sees fish and pilgrims in the shadow-light on her walls at night.

She pursues this dream of story-making.


Artist Statement

I am an illustrator with an interest in the dramatic. When I illustrate, I create my own theatrical production in order to engage an audience in a story. I construct the characters, the setting, and the mood, looking for contrasts of themes, emotions, and visual language. Since children’s books are, at their core, a theatrical experience, I focus my creative efforts on this avenue of illustration.

My illustration process begins with a life experience, a conversation, or a narrative which triggers a scene in my head. I sketch multiple thumbnails of the scene, form a final drawing, and explore value and color possibilities. Watercolor often helps me create the movement and expression I desire in a piece; however, I am an artist-explorer who loves to experiment with other media as well. I even enjoy combining elements such as fabric, acrylic paint, and digitally created textures with watercolor to discover their effect.

My current work is a mix of fantastical fables and daily life vignettes, primarily centering on the concerns and joys of childhood. To investigate these themes further, I am developing a few personal projects that include an illustrated adaptation of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice. As an artist-explorer, I aim to stretch my style in new directions with exciting combinations of media while storytelling through dramatic imagery.